Adherence to Vaginal Mucosa

It is supported by leading Scientist that probiotic strains, depending on the intended purpose, must be able to adhere to the intestinal mucosa or vaginal mucosa in order to confer a health benefit to the host.

In line with this, it is of great importance that probiotic strains applied to provide benefits to the vaginal microbiota are capable of adhering in great number to vaginal epithelial cells (VEC) that make up the vaginal mucosa. The vaginal mucosa play a vital role in maintaining vaginal health.

Applying the most modern and advances genetic methods and techniques available, the Ecovag® probiotic strains have demonstrated superior in-vitro adherence to VEC compared to several other commercially available probiotic strains.

Superior vaginal colonisation of the Ecovag® strains have further been proven in-vivo, where both strains were recovered in a high ratio of the patients in two clinical trials, 2 weeks after stopping application. In some patients, the strains persisted for several months.


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