The Vaginal Eco-System

The vaginal flora or eco-system constitutes a delicate microbial balance. A normal and healthy eco-system is characterized by mostly “good” bacteria of the lactobacilli type and fewer “harmful” anaerobic micro-organisms like Gardnerella Vaginalis and Mobiluncus.

The “good” lactobacilli bacteria produce lactic acid which help maintain the vaginal acidity level in the normal range of pH 3,8-4,5 and makes it difficult for the “bad” microorganisms to colonize and multiply. Also certain lactobacilli produce hydrogen peroxide and other compounds often referred to as bacteriocines that suppress the growth of “bad” anaerobic micro-organisms.

As such a healthy and balanced vaginal eco-system, dominated by lactobacilli, plays a critical role in protecting against colonization and overgrowth of pathogenic micro organisms that may lead to intimate discomfort and vaginal infections.

Lactobacillus is a girl’s best friend.

is a girl’s
best friend


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